10.October 2012

Please help raise Awareness by sharing this site &/or the information on it with your friends & family!  (See the Spina Bifida section for more details on prevention.)  Also see the other topics for Isabella Hope’s story & PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS as she is back in the hospital with infections.  She is now 2 & 1/2 months old.  Considering everything she’s been through so far she is meeting her milestones pretty well.  In a couple months they are going to start having her use her voice through the trache.  I don’t know all the details because  I chose adoption for a reason & know she is the lucky one with her parents.  She is their little princess & they say she smiles all the time & is normally as happy as can be.  She still gets cathed instead of wetting diapers but it’s still too soon to tell what’s permanent.  I won’t keep doing her updates,  I don’t feel it’s my place = )  Just please continue praying for her & her family!  Keep telling all women the importance of taking folic acid BEFORE you get pregnant & having healthy habits before conception.  PLAN YOUR PREGNANCIES LADIES  it helps reduce the risk of this & other birth defects also.  She was my lil surprise I got the honor of giving birth too (check out the August blog for the unique story of her birth!) but God’s gift to someone else = ) Thanks everyone!  May God bless you!

Posted:  October 18th, 2012

This is her Nov.2012 (Yes I’m so in love with this picture I have it on here 3 times!)


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